Peter Whitmore

100 Wild Mustangs
100 Trainers
90 Days
Peter has trained three wild mustangs for the Extreme Mustang Makeover Challenge. "Isaac" in 2009 and competed with two mustangs, "Eli" & "Abel", in 2012. In this event the trainers get about 90 days to gentle and train a wild mustang and then compete against the other trainers in various classes. All mustangs are then put up for adoption via auction. It is an amazing process to watch these horses gain trust each day! 
Eli & Abel were 5 and 6 years old and had only been captured and gelded 6 months prior to Peter picking them up. They were truly wild stallions gentled into safe and quiet horses in less than 3 months. Peter trained all three of his mustangs not only to ride but also to drive, while maintaining a full schedule of training horses! They all found amazing homes and we are lucky to be updated frequently by their new owners!
Peter finished in the top ten with both of his mustangs in 2012 and definitely was a crowd favorite! Everyone could see the complete trust and confidence these horses had gained from working with Peter.